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Neutral Ground Coffeehouse is a simple concept really, we strive to provide a great product in a beautiful setting and location, all with a big ol’ smile on our faces. We love it here, we love this community, the other local businesses surrounding us, we love dogs, we love bicycles, joggers, walkers, kids, and of course the historic Erie Canal. 


We also focus on partnering with local family-owned businesses with high-quality, unique offerings, supporting our local economy and keeping it all close to home. 


Neutral Ground thrives on  ”everybody is welcome, let’s all keep it neutral” with all kinds of positive vibes here in Pittsford, it’s where people can meet in the middle. We want our customers to use our place to meet with friends, family, neighbors or colleagues and always feel welcome. We plan on becoming a cornerstone of the community so help us make that dream a reality.  A simple concept really…

Where people meet in the middle
What we are…
Great locally roasted coffee



…is delicious, and we offer it all!  Lattes, Cortados, Americanos, Breves?  Yep, ours are the best. We found our local coffee people, Cobblestone Roasters from Geneva. They  roast our amazing Brazil Dark House Blend, our Italian Espresso Beans, our Decaf and other rotating flavors to order. We also love to support additional local roasters like CDGA Coffee Co. from Canandaigua for our Light Roast and other specialties. Grab a pound or two to go!  Know a local roaster you’d like us to know about? Tell us, we love to partner with passionate start-ups.



…is simple. We are all about a short list of quality breakfast and lunch sandwiches, the best chili ever and our amazingly unique breakfast chowder, all thanks to the talents of our chef Andre.  We use the freshest ingredients, with everything prepared to order. And because we think breakfast is the best and should be served all day, we serve breakfast all day.

breakfast sandwich
Our Coffee
Our Menu
purity ice cream

Ice Cream

…should be available year round, morning and afternoon, be made from all natural ingredients, and sourced from a local family-owned creamery. Meet Purity Ice Cream from Ithaca. We are in love with their ice cream. Their flavors are amazing, and customers that come in that are already familiar with the brand are so excited we brought it up to Pittsford. We also fully support and encourage ice cream for breakfast with your coffee (think Affogato), we do not judge.

Ice Cream

Baked Goods

…should be delivered fresh daily by a local family-owned bakery, and have the reputation of being the best around. Welcome Amazing Grains from Fairport! They provide all of our breads for our sandwiches, all of our pastries, (Ever have a Cronut? You should.) and their Harvest Bread we make our avocado toast on is ridiculously Amazing … see what I did there?  Oh, and our bagels?  From Brownstein’s…the real deal.

Baked Goods

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