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My Story

Marianne Warfle Harper owner


I’m Marianne

… the owner.  So  was opening a coffee shop and an event space a lifelong dream? Definitely not. But life threw me some curveballs that landed me here and I couldn’t be more thankful.  After years working “for the man” in marketing and advertising, a seven year stint as the General Manager of a new marina, and raising a wonderfully successful son, life got weird. Cancer hit, and shortly after that an untimely and painful end to a long term relationship. Pile on Covid and the shit storm was real. But, a life-saving stem cell transplant cured my health on 6/2/20 (my new birthday, thanks Bro), and my friends, family, and Harper Lee, my English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, cured my heart. 


Do something for yourself they said, put all your talent and experience toward something of your own they said, open a coffee shop they said. So, I sold my house of 34 years, and threw my heart and soul into Neutral Ground Coffeehouse. After 7 months of regular WTF moments, designing, laboring with the help of family (thanks sis) and friends, blowing my budget and learning that starting your own business is hard, here I am.  And I’m forever grateful for all those curveballs, my shit storm is over. 

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